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Osteopathy in Leicester

osteopathy image What is  Osteopathy ?

Osteopathy is a non invasive manual medicine that focuses on total body health by treating the musculoskeletal system which includes the joints, muscles and spine.    It offers a holistic approach to patient care and therefore Osteopaths do not focus solely on the area of pain but on all systems of the body to provide overall health improvements by positively affecting the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems.


Our Osteopath Chris Glover , treats a range of conditions including:

  • low back pain or stiffness (including sciatica).
  • neck and upper back pain or stiffness.
  • problems with the upper arm, elbow, fore-arm, wrist and hand.
  • problems with the hip, knee, ankle and foot.
  • workplace strains.
  • sports injuries.
  • backache experienced during pregnancy.
  • symptoms of chronic conditions (asthma, arthritis).
  • stiffness associated with wear and tear.
  • effects of trauma (whiplash).
  • postural problems  and  related conditions.

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