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Sports Podiatry

Relates the science behind foot pathology and pain to limb function, kinematics and Orthotics.

IMG_0026Here at Head To Toe we pride ourselves in being able to deal with all sorts of injuries and pain especially sports injuries – Musculoskeletal Injuries . Sports Podiatry involves the assessment of the lower limb and its Biomechanical function. This involves examining injuries and pain using techniques such as Gait Analysis and our Footscan for accurate diagnosis.

Examples of conditions to be treated :

Plantar fasciitis, Heel Pain, Arch pain, Big toe joint pain, Shinsplints, Knee pain and Ilio-Tibial pain and many more.
Once the examination is complete and the patient diagnosed, be postural or structural alignment.

The following treatment options are considered :

Insoles/orthotics, strapping, stretching/strengthening exercises and footwear advice.

The provision of foot orthotics is to reduce the damaging forces within tissues and re-align poor posture therefore having better alignment and increasing efficiency of feet and legs.

Acute V’s Chronic conditions

Acute conditions :

Are usually related to trauma such as ankle ligament damage from perhaps a late challenge on a football pitch or twisting your ankle at badminton e.g. twisted ankle.

Chronic conditions

can be of insidious onset with no obvious cause such as a keen runner who gradually develops pain in the shin or knee. This may be a case of excessive (overuse) and abnormal forces causing micro-damage to tissues, joints, muscles and bones leading to Biomechanical overload e.g. plantar fasciitis

Once these abnormal forces are reduced this will allow the structures to return to being pain free and normal again.We have a great team of experts consisting of Sports Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Sports/Deep tissue massage.