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Chris Glover – Certified Osteopathimage of osteopath Leicester Chris Glover

Chris is a fully registered and insured Osteopath in Leicester now offering his services from the Head to Toe treatment centre. 

He qualified from the London School of Osteopathy and since then has gone on to train and practise with a variety of health experts to increase an already diverse skills set.  With a focus on True Health, Chris is able to identify and assist with lifestyle factors, such as posture or diet. These factors may be contributing to health concerns, as well as treating musculoskeletal issues. 

Chris is also able to offer western medical acupuncture. This can be incorporated into treatment at no extra cost and is proven to be effective in reducing pain for a wide range of problems.


What is  Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a manual hands on treatment method to the musculoskeletal system which includes the joints, muscles and spine. It offers a more holistic approach to the patient  and therefore Osteopaths do not focus only on the area of complaint but on all systems of the body to provide overall better experience.

Osteopaths can treat a range of conditions including sciatica , neck and upper back pains , backaches for pregnant women and hip, knee , ankle problems.

What’s the distinction between chiropractors and Osteopaths

The principle distinction between the professions is historic. Eachhave been established for over a century with eachprofessions beginning independently of one another within the US, after whichcrossing over to the UK shortly afterwards.

The previous decade has seen eachof the professions being registered. Which means chiropractic and osteopathy are regulated in the identical approach that medicationis.

 What are the sensible distinction between the therapies?

Chiropractors are probably the most ‘joint particular’ of all of the professions. The strategy being that if a joint, notably within the backbone, is locked then it must be freed. They use manipulation to assist transfer the joint, restoring the mobility, and thereby enhancing flexibility and decreasing ache.

Manipulation is utilised by osteopaths and physiotherapists, however the strategy is barely completely different in that an osteopath will look extra on the muscular tissues and the way that impacts joint mobility. Restoring muscle performwill enhancejoint mobility and thereby enhance flexibility and decreasing ache.


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